A Message From the Arbor Day Foundation Chair of the Board of Trustees

Dec 4, 2019 8:00 AM ET

Dear Members and Friends,

Ten years of service on the board of trustees has taught me that, just like trees, no two years at such a dynamic organization as the Arbor Day Foundation are ever the same. Each one is unique, with its own challenges to overcome and successes to celebrate. As I look back at this past year, two words come to mind: growth, and impact. You’ll see these themes reflected throughout the pages of this annual report — in the number of membership trees distributed, the number of communities receiving Tree City USA recognition, and the number of Energy-Saving Trees and Community Canopy partners helping homeowners plant the right tree in the right place. You’ll find that we nearly doubled the number of trees planted this year to help restore our majestic forests, and more than twice as much funding was raised for Alliance for Community Trees members to support local planting projects in cities and towns across the country.

With this growth comes a dramatic expansion of our impact.  The Foundation is leading the charge for using trees as a solution to critical environmental and climate issues that put humankind’s ability to thrive at risk. The Time for Trees initiative is just one example of how this is transforming the kind of impact we are collectively capable of. One person’s $10 membership can now be leveraged into so much more. As I look forward, I see a future filled with trees. Together, we are making that vision a reality. I am proud of the growth that has happened this year, and I am thankful that each of you has been an important part of it.

Scott Josiah,

Chair Board of Trustees

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