Advocating for Our Youngest Innovators #WorldChildrensDay

By Alex Gorsky
Dec 21, 2018 10:10 AM ET

Children are born innovators.

They experiment and create marvelous new things. Ask any parent how the constant “why” questions, from their children, have changed how they see the world.

As we look to solve the biggest challenges of the next fifty years—in healthcare and beyond—we will need their most innovative and daring thinking. That all begins with them leading happy and healthy lives, starting with the crucial early years.

This week, in partnership with UNICEF, we harnessed some of these innate talents and celebrated World Children’s Day.

True to form, our young audience asked me and Caryl Stern, President and CEO of UNICEF USA, many important questions about our partnership and how we’re helping children around the world. I invite you to check out the full video above.

Since our founding, we’ve proudly advocated for children. We feel an enormous sense of gratitude whenever we’re in a position to bring life-changing opportunities to children all across the world.

This World Children’s Day, let’s celebrate the transformative power of childhood wonder. When they are able to light their spark, kindled by our efforts to support them, we’ll be able to tackle any challenge together.