Annual Flu Vaccination Scheme Continues Apace in Brazil

May 13, 2020 2:00 PM ET

Notwithstanding the current focus on COVID-19, CNH Industrial, one of the World’s largest capital goods companies, is continuing with its well established flu vaccination campaign in Brazil. This annual program, sees all employees at the six Company locations throughout the Country offered, free of charge, access to the vaccination. This year, in order to ensure all social distancing and health protocols were implemented, in addition to the standard on-site testing for employees connected with manufacturing, a drive-thru format was also established, to provide access to employees who are not currently based on-site, such as those working from home. This activity in Brazil forms part of CNH Industrial’s vaccination programs, which in 2019 saw approximately 7,000 individuals immunized.

During the vaccination campaign, both employees and the Company also donated items which will help local communities in the fight against COVID-19. This saw 1,060 sanitizing products and 4,089 kilos of food, the equivalent of 16,356 meals, collected.