ANZ Shaping a World Where People and Communities Thrive

Dec 19, 2016 8:00 AM ET

ANZ has released its 2016 Corporate Sustainability Review, which reports on how it is tackling its most material sustainability issues.
2016 sustainability performance highlights
Achievements aligned with the three focus areas of ANZ’s Corporate Sustainability Framework include: 

Fair and responsible banking

  • strengthened ANZ’s Human Rights Standards, articulating a zero tolerance approach to ‘land grabs’ and forced labour
  • ranked 1st on the Relationship Strength Index (Institutional customers) [1]
  • enhanced support to vulnerable customers by training employees on empathy and identifying issues such as family violence and elder abuse
  • improved cyber security support for customers  

Social and economic participation

  • almost $90 million in community investment
  • more than 420,900 people reached through ANZ’s financial education program MoneyMinded
  • more than 113,000 hours volunteered by employees – equal to around 14,125 working days
  • 336 people employed from under-represented groups, such as refugees and people with a disability 

Sustainable growth

  • $2.5 billion funded and facilitated in low carbon and sustainable solutions
  • 17% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Australia [2]
  • greenhouse gas emissions from ANZ’s financing of electricity generation (within and outside Australia) continued to decrease this year and is below the relevant grid average 

The Review also discloses new information about how ANZ is managing climate change risks and opportunities.  This includes how ANZ assesses the climate risk of its customers, particularly those in emissions intensive industries, as well as how ANZ is supporting customers to transition to a low carbon economy.

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[1] Roy Morgan Research.  Base: MFI Customers, aged 14+, 6 months rolling average
[2] From premises energy against a 2013 baseline