Circular Economy Webinar - Complimentary

Jan 3, 2019 9:15 AM ET

With increasing pressure on natural and man-made resources, innovative companies are taking a lifecycle assessment approach and tackling circularity from as early as product development, with the goal of reaping the reputational and commercial benefits.

In this one-hour debate, four senior leaders are ready to share their strategies for transitioning from a linear to a circular economy. Join Ethical Corporation on Thursday, January 10th, at 9am ET for their free online webinar with:

  • John Coyne, Vice-President and General Counsel, Unilever

  • Susan Muigai, Executive Vice President, People and Corporate Affairs, Walmart

  • Brendan Edgerton, Director, Circular Economy, WBCSD

  • Deanna Bratter, Senior Director of Public Benefit and Sustainable Development, Danone

Key areas of discussion will include:

  • Implementing circularity principles from product development

  • Cross-industry & regulatory collaboration: delivering successful programmes through partnerships

  • Measurement and comparability of circular performance

  • Closing the loop to shape a new economy. Is it possible by 2030?

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