Coca-Cola Enterprises and the Financial Times to Convene European Leaders for Annual Future for Sustainability Summit

Sep 2, 2014 5:00 AM ET

On October 1st 2014 Coca-Cola Enterprises and The Financial Times will welcome over 200 delegates to London for a lively debate on the Future for Sustainability. Taking place at the famous Kings Place, London, the Summit will bring together business leaders, policy makers, pioneers and future leaders from across Europe.

Over the course of the day the Summit will facilitate high-level discussion with guest speakers engaging the audience through dynamic case studies and practical theories. In addition afternoon breakout sessions will give the audience a chance to participate in dialogue.

The Summit will build on last year’s successful Sustainability Innovation Summit, which discussed the roles of innovation, collaboration and technology - highlights of which can be found here.

The Summit will be facilitated by Michael Skapinker, assistant editor of the Financial Times, and will take on the challenge that lies in prioritising sustainability efforts which will create the highest value for business and society. Themes covered will include:

  • Why all-encompassing sustainability strategies are critical to long-term business success
  • The millennial generation view on business sustainability
  • What industry, government and educational collaborations are needed to ensure the next-generation is workplace-ready
  • How sustainability challenges can be transformed into opportunities
  • Achieving the right balance between business growth and sustainability
  • The impact of sustainability in shaping the future corporation

To apply to attend the Summit and keep informed about the latest news, including the full agenda and speaker announcements, please visit the summit webpage, or follow us on social media #FTFutureSus.