Corporate Diversity Is Shrouded in Secrecy. It Doesn't Have To Be

A new index and coalition that shines a spotlight on inclusion is key to lasting change, says Intel’s chief diversity and inclusion officer.
Sep 30, 2020 3:15 PM ET

By Barbara Whye

The challenges we are facing right now are real, and we must face them head-on as a company, a business community, and a society. We can no longer accept it when corporations share condolences during moments of injustice and then quickly revert to their old ways. Today’s greatest challenges require more than that; they require a movement, a shared commitment to a plan, and real action.

That’s why Intel is committing our scale, expertise, and reach to work with other companies to accelerate the adoption of inclusive business practices across industries by creating and implementing a Global Inclusion Index and convening a coalition of companies to focus on unified goals and metrics that will be shared through the index. There are many examples of progress and successes being led by individual companies. This collective effort will allow the industry to track progress in areas such as achieving greater levels of women and minorities in senior and technical positions, accessible technology, and equal pay. 

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