Diversifying Beauty’s Purpose

Bluboho Jewellery Boutique Sells Jewellery That Gives Back
Jul 4, 2012 3:35 PM ET

Significant pieces of jewelry always evoke a certain nostalgic longing from everyone, which is why many people purchase them as gifts for loved ones, or for themselves on special occasions.

Some people, however, have a difficult time finding a piece that goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. This is where Bluboho Jewelry – a boutique in Oakville, Canada – differentiates itself from ordinary jewelry stores. Their pieces are beautiful. They also help people thousands of miles away.

“Pretty much all of our designers give back in some way,” explains Kristie, an associate at Bluboho. “Some donate a part of their proceeds to different causes, other designers use recycled materials and environmentally friendly practices during the creation of their pieces.”

Love Heals, a designer from California, is a great example of designers who care. They plant 10 fruit trees in Ethiopia for every piece of jewelry they sell. So far they’ve planted 815,000 trees, with 2,700 of those stemming from Love Heals purchases at Bluboho in the last year alone.

Bluboho recently started their own jewelry line with a view toward contributing some proceeds to charity. And based on strong customer support to date, they plan to feature these pieces along with those made by the 17 designers represented in the boutique.

“We get all kinds of reactions from our customers,” says Kristie. “We have everything from people who are really excited to people who get close to tears. When people buy a special piece of jewelry, it becomes so much more than jewelry. It’s the whole meaning behind it combined with the meaning they create themselves.”

Bluboho taps into the desire of its suppliers and customers to help others through jewelry.  And there’s a lot of beauty in that.