Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

Feb 20, 2020 9:00 AM ET

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day. It’s another reason to shower our pets with attention and, with Earth Day approaching, consider eco-friendly ways to recycle and repurpose the pet products we’ve accumulated for Fido and Whiskers. 

Including the bowls, beds, toys, food and treats, our pets, like us, tend to use a lot of products. Once these items have reached the point of no return – what’s the right way to get rid of them? Here are some common pet items that do and do not belong in your recycle bin:

Do Recycle:

  • Cardboard and plastic treat containers.
  • Dog and cat food cans. Just be sure to rinse out any food residue first.
  • Toy packaging. Be sure to separate the paper and plastic portions before placing in the recycling bin.

Don’t Recycle:

  • Most dry food bags. Some bags may be paper on the outside, but they’re typically lined with a non-recyclable plastic on the inside. If you can’t easily tear the package with your hands, then it’s likely not recyclable.
  • Beds and blankets. Donate these to a local animal shelter where they’ll be put to good reuse.
  • Plastic food bowls, litter boxes and scoops. Remember only plastics like water bottles, milk jugs and these items should go in your recycling bin.
  • Leashes and collars. Your local pet rescue would love to reuse these.
  • Plastic and stuffed toys. 

Now that you have the recycling basics, here are some other eco-friendly ways to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day!   

1.   Donate your pet’s old stuff. It’s likely your furry friend will be getting a little token of your affection for National Love Your Pet Day, so drop your pet’s gently used items like toys, dog bowls, leashes, blankets and beds at your local pet shelter.

2.  Host a playdate. Invite your pet’s favorite friend over and bake some pet-friendly treats. The pets will have a good time, and so will you!

3.  Go on an outdoor adventure. Pets love being outside! Plan your adventure at, and don’t forget the biodegradable doggie bags because not all poop bags are created equal. (While the bag still goes in the waste, it will have a chance to compost at the landfill, unlike a regular plastic bag.)  

Use these ideas to enjoy National Love Your Pet Day. You can feel good about recycling your pet’s stuff and celebrating in an eco-friendly way. P.S. – don’t forget a commemorative selfie! For more information on recycling, visit