General Mills Announces Regenerative Land-Use Goal: 1 Million Acres by 2030

By Kristen Leigh Painter
Mar 22, 2019 10:15 AM ET

General Mills committed Monday to expanding regenerative agriculture practices by 2030 on one million acres of land used to source its food ingredients. The Golden Valley-based food company is starting with oats grown in the U.S. Northern Plains and southern provinces of Canada, and will partner with both organic and conventional farmers and suppliers of wheat, corn and sugar beets over the next decade. The commitment includes at $500,000 grant to Kiss the Ground, a nonprofit organization that conducts on-farm training programs for growers implementing the practices. Regenerative agriculture is an umbrella terms for a suite of land management practices aimed at improving the health of the soil, which is seen as way to combat climate change. Healthy soil does a better job of storing carbon that would otherwise be in the atmosphere and is an increasingly popular topic among food and agriculture producers.

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