Gildan Partners With World Vision to Deliver Its Teacher Training Program in Honduras

Gildan enters two-year agreement with World Vision
Jul 11, 2019 8:00 AM ET
Gildan and World Vision are partnering in an Education & Transformation of Children project in Honduras. As leaders in their respective industries, the partnership between Gildan and World Vision (WV) will help both organizations leverage a wider range of resources, use them more effectively and build on the strengths of both organizations to positively impact the communities where they both work. 
As a pillar of Gildan’s community engagement program, the Company believes that investing in youth education can help change futures for individuals and communities grow and prosper in the longer term. Gildan’s contribution of U.S. $170,000 towards the Education & Transformation project over the next two years brings the Company’s total investment in this program since 2009 to U.S. $290,000. Thanks to Gildan’s investment, over 5,200 teachers and 67,000 children will have benefitted in Honduras.
“Our partnership with World Vision is a natural fit given their deep technical expertise and wide presence in the countries where we operate,” says Claudia Sandoval, vice president, corporate citizenship. “World Vision is a global leader in designing quality, sustainable education interventions and we continue to see tangible benefits within our communities through their work in Honduras.” 
World Vision ’s programs are focused on ensuring that all children and youth attain the core skills they need to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Their Education and Transformation of Children program has a focus on enhanced education, life skills and protection for children ages 6 - 12 through:
Providing participative and protected environments for children
Ensuring that educational spaces are safe and have basic sanitation services
Improved academic performance of children
Strengthening education links between children, parents and teachers.
“As a development organization working for the welfare and protection of children, we know that for a country to be sustainable and effective, alliances between the private sector and civil society are crucial,” says Cinthia Hernandez, corporate marketing and private funding specialist at World Vision Honduras. 
“Gildan’s contribution to our Education and Transformation program over the years has been very valuable. Together we have been able to contribute to improve the capacity of teachers, measure the academic performance of students and advocate to generate greater social skills and leadership in children, thus strengthening their educational skills and improving opportunities in their lives.”
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