GRI’s Membership Program Evolves: Welcome to the GRI Community!

Jan 18, 2019 9:15 AM ET

As the field of sustainability reporting continues to evolve and grow, GRI’s membership program evolves with it. In 2019, we are building on years of success for GRI’s global network with the establishment of the new GRI Community. This platform will bring together businesses, organizations and sustainability leaders that are committed to transparency.

The GRI Community is a truly inclusive and collaborative network of companies and other stakeholders committed to quality sustainability reporting. It welcomes companies of all sizes and levels of experience. Report preparers and other sustainability reporting professionals will continue to benefit from the content and interaction with experts and will enjoy more flexibility and new learning opportunities.
As GRI’s Chief Executive Tim Mohin, puts it, “We want to acknowledge that our community members, with their sustainability commitment and efforts, not only drive improvements within their own businesses; they also serve as true role models for the wider business community. Moreover, they support GRI’s efforts to continue driving sustainability considerations into the heart of businesses’ and governmental decision making”. 
The benefits that current members value the most are, of course, maintained, including peer-to-peer learning and collaboration, expert updates on developments and trends, and opportunities to showcase sustainability leadership. In addition, members can now benefit from new ways to access GRI products and services to support their reporting efforts.
The activity program for 2019 is designed to help the Community stay ahead of the evolving challenges and advances in the sustainability landscape. The program, for example, exists of roundtables, online learning and an extended range of Corporate Leadership Groups. 

GRI Community members will have the opportunity to closely support GRI’s mission in several ways. Their involvement in GRI’s Governance election process and roles, combined with their ongoing feedback on our work and their valued financial contribution, are all important to GRI’s ability to deliver on its vision.  
“As a non-profit, GRI relies for a large part of its funding on the private sector. Their membership fees and purchases of services finance our activities to keep our standards current and drive improvements in the quality of reporting. We are very grateful for the generous support by our community members, and are looking forward to supporting them in the new year”, says Sabine Content, Director of Corporate & Stakeholder Engagement. 
For more information on how you can benefit from and contribute to the GRI Community, click here.