How To Foster Professional Development And Community For Remote Teams

By Marie Hattar | Forbes Councils Member
Dec 3, 2020 12:00 PM ET

Marie Hattar is CMO at Keysight Technologies, responsible for brand and global marketing efforts.

The pandemic has completely transformed how teams work — from collaboration and communication to productivity and accountability. It’s also given company leaders the opportunity to rethink professional development for virtual teams.

Now that we’ve moved past the crisis mode and have settled into remote work, marketing leaders need to focus on engagement and development of team members’ careers remotely. More than just virtual happy hours for team bonding, we need to ensure that employees can still learn, grow and drive their careers forward in a virtual setting.

In this article, I’ll share virtual professional development and communications strategies to help you broaden your team member’s skill sets, increase their agility and create exciting new career challenges to keep talent engaged.

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