HP Inc. Expands Forest Conservation Partnership With World Wildlife Fund

by Patrick Moorhead
Nov 12, 2021 10:45 AM ET

As a tech analyst, I like to cover a wide range of topics, from hard news (new products, services, financials), to the softer content, such as business strategy, company culture and corporate social responsibility programs. It should be no surprise that those tech companies that shine in the latter areas also tend to be the most successful after the markets close on earnings day.   

Industry stalwart HP Inc. stands out both for its venerable line of desktops, laptops and printers, but also for how it gives back. Environmental sustainability is HP’s bread and butter—the company has been prioritizing earth-friendly products and programs longer than most of its employees have been alive, introducing a recycling program for computer punch cards in 1966. It has become one of the champions of the circular economy movement in the last several years, replacing much of the non-renewables in its product line with recycled paper, plastics and metals. 

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