HP Life: How to Make Yourself More Valuable while Social Distancing

HP offers business fundamentals courses so you can expand your knowledge base and be a step ahead.
May 1, 2020 3:30 PM ET

By Rob Enderle

HP’s course material

What HP offers isn’t a degree, although you do get a certificate of completion. It is a breadth of basic courses, so you understand how the various parts of any company work. They have classes in business communications, finance, marketing (social media marketing), operations, funding, sales, leadership, design, inventory management, and planning. They also have classes for personal growth like presenting data (and better presentations), success mindset, managing contacts, business email, and building a unique value proposition that make you a better employee overall.  

And finally, if you want to do a startup, they have classes on finding funding, identifying your target audience, starting a small business, and hiring staff, which are all critical to getting a business off the ground.  

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