Major League Baseball Players Association Year in Review: Players Make Connections With All Those Who Play and Love the Game

Major League Baseball Players and their union are committed to growing the game while honoring its past
Dec 28, 2017 6:40 PM ET

The Major League Baseball Players Association had quite a year in 2017, on and off the field, as the union began its second 50 years of advancing and protecting players' rights.

Advancing players' interests took on exciting new forms in 2017 as Executive Director Tony Clark sought to broaden the player fraternity's reach by strengthening ties to the former player community, providing new and better platforms for active players to engage with fans and moving ahead with the vision of building a solid foundation to support and develop youth baseball around the world.

Among the year's highlights was the launch of Infield Chatter, a social media app that connects the players with their fans in a fun, moderated environment; the playing of the fourth and most successful World Baseball Classic tournament; the first-ever Players Weekend and the creation of new inroads into trying to secure the sport's future through a growing number of youth programs such as the “Players Going Home” initiative.

We hope you enjoy the below trip down memory lane…MLBPA 2017 Yaer in Review.