Modern Landfills Convert Waste to Energy

Mar 23, 2018 1:35 PM ET

Responsible landfill management involves the proper handling of landfill gas and liquids, which are byproducts of the decomposition of waste. It requires considerable science, engineering and technology to manage an evolving waste stream in a manner that is protective of the air, land and water for generations to come. It also involves a relentless commitment to innovation.

Landfills can provide multiple opportunities to produce renewable energy and lower our carbon footprint. Whether converting landfill gas into electricity or using our sites as solar energy platforms, we are doing our part to convert yesterday’s waste into renewable energy to meet tomorrow’s power needs.

As waste decomposes in a landfill, it creates gas comprised of methane and carbon dioxide. Republic Services’ modern landfills use a sophisticated system of landfill gas wells to properly collect and control landfill gas.

By applying advances in technology, at Republic, we are able to harvest landfill gas and repurpose it into energy at more than 70 landfills. Combined, the landfill gas we deliver to energy-creating projects reduces carbon dioxide emissions at an equivalent to the electricity used by approximately 200K homes.

Republic Services' Jeremy Walters talked to 8 News Now in Las Vegas about how landfill gas is being repurposed to supply electricity to NV Energy customers. Watch the video here.