Opinion: Let's Work Together for Michigan's Future

By Sandy Baruah and Patti Poppe
May 28, 2019 12:05 PM ET

We all know that businesses can be a force for good, but that message isn’t always shared widely. Hopefully, that can start to change this week as close to 1,800 business, community and philanthropic thought leaders from across the state discuss the ways in which they are making their communities and our state a better place.

The Detroit Regional Chamber’s 39th annual Mackinac Policy Conference is shining a spotlight on the major opportunities that our state is embracing. New political leadership at the state level and rapid evolution in our state’s automotive and high-tech industries make this a perfect time to focus in on Michigan’s priorities and future.

The Mackinac Policy Conference brings people together from all walks of life. Currently, we are operating under a split government following a contentious election. The umbrella of "One Michigan" creates paths to prosperity for families and businesses to grow and thrive. When we bring Michigan together, there is nothing we can’t solve.

The three pillars of this year’s conference speak to those shared values and celebrate all that Michigan has to offer.

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