Q&A: Mohawk Group’s Michel Vermette Shares a Vision for Better

Dec 8, 2016 7:40 AM ET

Contract flooring manufacturer Mohawk Group consistently stays on the forefront of design innovation. The brand draws inspiration everywhere—Moonscapes, one of their latest collections revealed at NeoCon, recreates the moon’s textured landscape on a modular broadloom rug.

The company launched a brand-new campaign, “Believe in Better,” at this year’s GreenBuild. Michel Vermette, President of Mohawk Group, discusses the revamped philosophy, how the brand will strive for consistent improvement across five distinct pillars, and what to expect from Mohawk in the future.

Interior Design: What is “Believe in Better” and how did the idea originate?

Michel Vermette: Constantly working toward a better version of ourselves has always been part of Mohawk’s DNA. This idea fuels our breakthroughs across our five pillars: design, innovation, sustainability, project solutions, and operational excellence. From the design studio to our manufacturing plants, we understand and embrace that better is always possible. We reflected upon that guiding principle and organized it so our community can join us in this journey.

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