Quest Diagnostics 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Jun 27, 2013 9:45 AM ET

As you look through our QuestCares reporting for 2012, you’ll see how we invested our healthcare leadership and employee passion to fight cancer, rally Boston in a global health initiative around hepatitis, empower employee health, increase our pipeline of diverse leaders—and even replace our plastic clamshell specimen carrier with a re-sealable bag that saves 120 tons of plastic waste every year.

Thanks to Our New Quest new teams are crossing old boundaries and functions, and we’re working together in exciting ways to better understand our communities, their needs and how we can have the greatest impact. Not only do we have a stronger company, strategy and structure for doing well by doing good, but our work in social responsibility is becoming embedded within it. To reflect this, we’ve organized our 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility report around our company’s three new goals:

  1. A healthier world 
  2. Building value 
  3. Creating an inspiring workplace

Earning awards and our place in rankings—like the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Newsweek Green Rankings®, the National Business Group on Health Platinum “Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles,” and the American Cancer Society® National Corporate Impact Award for Employee Engagement—are achievements we’re proud of and valuable benchmarks for us as we further build our social responsibility and sustainability platforms. But make no mistake. What we’re most proud of is the spirit, compassion, and entrepreneurship of our people, and how we use our talents to change, and at times help save, lives.

Perhaps there is no greater expression of how central QuestCares is to our core business than our company’s new vision: empowering better health with diagnostic insights. Empowering people is what QuestCares is all about. And as we focus and accelerate our efforts in 2013 and beyond, social responsibility will continue to be more than just “giving back.” It is and always will be our business.

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