Revitalizing a 100-Year-Old Cellulosic Platform

Aug 30, 2018 9:00 AM ET

The power of Eastman's innovation efforts is aimed at opportunities where disruptive, global macro trends align with our world-class technology platforms. To continue developing products that make a material difference in people’s lives, we are leveraging our success and expertise in key platforms where Eastman has been a leader for decades.

Challenge + Partner + Eastman = Impact

There is a push for new material innovation that is sourced from renewable resources. As a company, we must help consumers look beyond the extractive “take, make, dispose” industrial model, and design materials that can be valued as renewable resources without losing performance benefits.

Eastman works cross-functionally to understand market drivers — scaling up new material innovations.

Leveraging 100 years of cellulosic expertise, Eastman rapidly identified, assessed, and launched two new biobased materials into separate markets in less than one year:

Eastman Treva™ engineering bioplastic, with a biobased content of 42%

Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn, with a biobased content of 56%

Eastman has successfully introduced specialty materials that meet the growing environmental demands of our changing world. Our integrated world-class technology platforms allow us to offer scaled solutions — a competitive advantage that is hard to match in niche applications. 

“We believe in sustainability and the necessity to deliver innovative and sustainable fiber options to the textiles industry. Naia™ cellulosic fiber embraces our vision to bring consumers luxury, comfort and ease of care without any compromise on sustainability.” — Ruth Farrell, Eastman's Marketing Director, Textiles

Learn more about these innovations and more in Eastman's 2018 sustainability report: Changing the trajectory