Riding the Tidal Wave of Digital Transformation

By Jay Alexander, Chief Technology Officer, Keysight Technologies
Nov 15, 2021 10:00 AM ET

It starts with digital transformation, the megatrend affecting virtually all parts of today's economy. All things digital are the essential enablers of the longstanding vision of "everyone and everything, connected". This enablement has been happening for a long time, and in many cases has followed a phased progression, starting with curious early adopters willing to experiment, and continuing on to acceptance by the cautious mainstream.

But an interesting change to the pattern occurred during the pandemic: previously available technologies such as video chat became ubiquitous. They are now a lifeline to our families, friends, colleagues, doctors, and more. Another example: online ordering for delivery or pick-up of food, medicine, office supplies, and even hardware items for home repair, has increasingly become part of our weekly routines.

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