Schneider Electric: Ending Earth Overshoot Day Starts with Sustainable Action

Jul 12, 2019 1:00 PM ET

Earth Overshoot Day: It’s the day of the year when we’ve used more natural resources than our planet can renew in 365 days. This year in the United States , Earth Overshoot Day falls on July 29 — the earliest it has ever been. Thirty years ago, it fell on October 15 and despite the progress made in recent years, it has been steadily moving up since.

This signals the urgency of the climate crisis and pressure on natural ecosystems. It tells us that the time to act is now, because there is good news: Earth Overshoot Day is moveable. We can work together to engage eco-friendly technology, employ forward-thinking solutions, and #MoveTheDate back toward December 31. We can do this by collectively living within the means of our planet’s natural resources.

Together, Global Footprint Network — a research organization changing how the world manages its natural resources — and Schneider Electric have analyzed how to move Earth Overshoot Day. Research estimates that if 100 percent of existing building and industry infrastructure were equipped with readily available energy efficiency and renewable energy technology from Schneider Electric and its partners — assuming no shift in human habits — the world could move the date back by at least 21 days.

Taking action now

Earth Overshoot Day is a chance to ask whether your business model is One-Planet compatible. Are you able to thrive within the means of our one planet’s natural resources? Businesses worldwide are answering the call. An increasing number are making long-term plans to operate in a world of finite resources and finding that sustainable business choices makes solid business sense. In fact, Schneider’s 2019 Corporate Energy & Sustainability Progress Report shows the number of surveyed companies who had implemented energy efficiency and renewable projects in just one year rose by 12 percent.

More stories of promise come from Schneider customers who demonstrate that with collaboration and innovation, we can move Earth Overshoot Day — and offer proven business benefits. For example:

  • A world-class hotel faced with energy challenges in the middle of the desert, Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall of the Emirates achieved up to a 44 percent increase in energy efficiency — without sacrificing guest comfort. Hilton benefited from the EcoStruxure™ Building solution: a single platform that integrates the building management system, guest room management system, and Hilton's property management system. Hilton controls costs without compromising its high standards, and keeps operations lean while ensuring the facility meets sustainability standards.
  • Shanghai’s Huashan Hospital North, Fudan University needed to upgrade its original building automation system to ease logistical constraints. With EcoStruxure solutions from Schneider Electric, the hospital saw a 20 percent increase in management efficiency and 18 percent reduction in energy consumption. Digitization transformed Huashan Hospital North into a teaching hospital of the future, increasing patient satisfaction and improving power reliability.
  • With the help of EcoStruxure Machine Advisor and other Schneider digital services, Indonesia’s Berto Coffee Roaster is reducing maintenance time by up to 50 percent, lowered maintenance costs by up to 20 percent, with a potential ROI of 173 percent. Berto’s machine productivity increased through real-time remote monitoring in real time, and downtime was reduced by leveraging real-time data.
  • Major home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Corporation targets zero-waste-to-landfill from its production facilities worldwide by 2020 and relied on Schneider to help design an actionable strategy across 40 manufacturing sites worldwide. EcoStruxure Resource Advisor provides the information Whirlpool needs to boost efficiency, drive value, and meet its sustainability goals. Three plants in Brazil have already achieved zero waste-to-landfill goals, two years earlier than expected, and more sites are making significant gains.
  • Digital Realty needed a globally consistent infrastructure to support its colocation expansion efforts. A customized EcoStruxure solution provides a unified way to monitor and control facilities, anywhere in the world — increasing efficiency and resulting in $1 million in annual savings.

Together, we can co-create a One-Planet compatible future, preserves natural resources, and protect our planet. Download Schneider Electric's full Earth Overshoot Day infographic here.