Start the New Year Your Way with Fresh Start Fridays!

by Randy Perkins
Jan 8, 2016 1:30 PM ET
It’s a brand new year and you know what that means – it’s time to commit to a new resolution. While some of us are guilty of going all in for a few weeks before pretending like we never made a resolution in the first place, we want to help YOU start fresh this year. That’s where Fresh Start Fridays enters the picture. Every Friday throughout the month of January, look for a “fresh,” yet delicious recipe idea from nutrition expert Annessa Chumbley or recipes using O Organics products. Visit our Facebook and Twitter channels for updated recipe ideas every week.
Start the new year your way with Fresh Start Fridays!
Annessa Chumbley is a dietitian, an experienced TV host, mom of two, and a regular content provider for a wide variety of traditional media and digital outlets. As a national brand endorser for Albertsons, she partners with the grocery retailer to create recipes, cooking videos, and nutritional tips and solutions for their shoppers nationwide.  

Chumbley is known for her passion for healthy food as well as her conversational and engaging style. She is a sought-after resource offering health advice, delicious recipes, wellness videos, weight loss strategies, and daily tips on how to change habits to help people lead a more fulfilled and healthy life.


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