Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in the New Digital Economy

Jul 3, 2020 10:00 AM ET

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and CW (Cambridge Wireless) present an exclusive webinar with speakers from Facebook, World Bank, UN Global Compact and Qualcomm, looking at how women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries can be supported, through digital technology.


COVID-19 is radically changing the way we live and work. In order to mitigate its disproportionately severe impacts on women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries, we must ensure that how we adapt the way we do business and move from global economic crisis to recovery is gender-sensitive. The digital world, into which the global crisis has seen us pushed, presents an exciting opportunity to reach, equip and empower women so that they can support themselves and their families, and play a full and equal part in rebuilding our communities, industries and economies.

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