Suzano Launches the First Annual Report of the New Company

May 13, 2020 4:00 AM ET

Suzano is a Brazilian company committed to being a global reference in the sustainable use of natural resources. It is the world's leading producer of eucalyptus pulp and one of Latin America’s largest paper producers, the corporation, through its products, plays a part in the lives of over two billion people.

Suzano’s 2019 Annual Report, which was released early this week, presents the achievements, lessons learned, and challenges experienced by the company in its first year of creation, after the merger between Fibria and Suzano Pulp and Paper. This edition provides an insight into the company's governance, economic, environmental and social practices and presents its corporate and sustainability strategies.

Suzano knows that its raw material – eucalyptus biomass – can offer an enormous range of uses. Thereby, the company seeks to explore markets that are often not directly related to its current business. This is possible because Suzano grounds its developments in the concept of innovability, which aligns two key components for the company’s success - innovation and sustainability. Therefore, Suzano looks forward to offering products that are alternatives to non-renewables products, contributing to the low-carbon economy.

“2019 was a historic year for Suzano. We overcame and learnt from the challenges that we faced, always keeping our cultural pillars in mind. In 2020, we have an even bigger battle to win, that of COVID-19, but we are optimistic that together we will overcome this moment”, says Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano.

In its first year, Suzano developed its strategy to guide it through to the future. This was built it in a three-level process, considering the company's performance for the next five, ten and 15 years. At the first level is its long-term strategic vision, which points to where Suzano wants to be in 15 years:

  1. Continue being a benchmark in the industry in efficiency, profitability and sustainability, end to end, from the forest to the client.
  2. Be a transformational agent in the expansion into new markets for our biomass.
  3. Be a reference in sustainable and innovative solutions for the bioeconomy and environmental services, based on planted trees.

Linked to this vision, Suzano established its sustainability strategy, which was a result of an engagement process with various stakeholders in Brazil and around the world. The strategy is: To be a leader and agent of transformation in the combined development of innovative and sustainable solutions contributing to facing society’s challenges. It is based on six fundamental assumptions that sustainability must be: integrated to the business; driven by innovability; transparent and fostering dialogue; generating shared value; from the corporate culture; systemic and cross-cutting.

As a result of this journey, 13 long-term goals were chosen and can be seen in detail in the 2019 Report. The progress in performance of each commitment will be published annually in the Report.

About the Report
Suzano’s 2019 Annual Report is available on a full online PDF edition (click here). It also has a printed version and an infographic where the main information is presented in an instructive and summarized manner. To better disclosure the company's key performance indicators, we created an Indicators Center, an interactive platform with quantitative and qualitative data on the company's operations and impacts. The tool facilitates access to information that meets institutional and market demands with quality and transparency.

In the platform, there are over 250 indicators of social, environmental and economic performance found by categories: Material Themes, with the ten material topics; Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and indicators that follow the disclosure standard; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), indicators connects to each of the Agenda 2030 goals; and information connected to the Task Force On Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) guidelines. In addition, it is possible to access other main indicators related to the business performance and its value chain.

The 2019 Annual Report follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and uses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a reference. The content of the reporting process and its products have undergone external assurance by Bureau Veritas.

Suzano values its stakeholders’ feedback and would appreciate any comments, suggestions and criticism that you might have. Feel free to get in touch by emailing .

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