The Movement That Cannot Wait

One voice isn’t enough. One action isn’t enough.
Dec 9, 2020 5:30 PM ET

For us, immediate action has taken shape via our TLF partnership and collective goal of increasing opportunities for early-career diverse talent in the communications industry. Launching in 2021, the HP & TLF Technology + Social Innovation Program will allow participants to learn about the intersection of business and society, with a focus on how priorities such as sustainability, education, equality and human rights influence reputation and ultimately drive business success. Participants will also have access to a global network of mentors and learn practical skillsets centered on areas including corporate reputation, brand journalism, product positioning and content and digital marketing. HP is also inviting its agencies to join the program to help more diverse talent kick-start careers in communications.

Of course, steps like the one we are taking are only part of the equation. In addition to hiring diverse rising professionals and building talent pipelines, we must also provide our employees with the resources needed to thrive in an environment where individuals of varying backgrounds may not feel truly represented or valued. In other words, one action will never be enough for any of us.

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