The Power Skills in an Age of Disruption

Approaches to cultivating the resilient leaders of tomorrow
Mar 15, 2017 9:05 AM ET

“Almost 43 percent of the global youth labor force is either unemployed or working, yet living in poverty,” according to Global Employment Trends for Youth 2015 by the International Labour Organization. In countries with mature economies, nearly one in five students don’t acquire a minimum level of basic skills needed to be gainfully employed.

A striking trend juxtaposes the un- and underemployed young people around the world. According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey of 1300 leaders, CEOs now find it so difficult to identify people with the skills to grow their business that 75 percent rank the skills shortage as the number one threat to their success. Forty percent of global employers report a talent shortage in their organization, according to the Manpower Group. This is the highest rate in ten years.

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