5 Reasons Why Working with an Employer Who Prioritizes Your Continuous Learning, Should Be Your Priority!

Sep 5, 2019 5:20 PM ET

Natalja Kissina,Vice President HR for Gulf Countries at Schneider Electric is an advocate for continuous education in the workplace. Throughout her career, she has narrowed down the key reasons and tips one should consider when putting continuous learning and education as a priority at their job and in their career. These considerations will not only help you in your current job but will help your employer as well.

Prioritizing your continuous learning at your job

One of the biggest benefits of continuous education is that these efforts can make a material difference in your career. Being able to improve yourself, and expanding your skill set during your career deeply enriches your value to future potential employers, and can create opportunities for you within your current organization. This type of market positioning benefit, both cannot be understated, and is widely understood to be a driver for continuous education in the workplace.

However, today, we are going to go over 5 slightly different benefits, that deviate a little bit from the obvious reasons why continuous education in the workplace is a good thing.

These are the more overlooked reasons that contribute to learning being a deep priority at the corporate level, and they have helped define the importance of learning at Schneider Electric Gulf.

Leading tomorrow, requires learning today

Participating in education efforts can help you develop some of the most critical skills required to be a more successful leader. Learning how to incorporate feedback into a personal development plan, shoring up communication skills, making decisions and taking actions for the good of the organization, and even mastering new, critical skills, can be instrumental in pivoting to a leadership role within your organization. It can also help develop the mentality to lead from where you are.

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