5 Ways to Stand Out by Being Different

Apr 9, 2013 10:25 AM ET

If you are a social enterprise, a socially responsible business or a nonprofit, your purpose is much of what sets you apart. But as you are probably aware, you don’t have a monopoly on “having a purpose”. Big brands are growing more and more interested in using purpose as a differentiator, so much so that this concept is quickly becoming the fifth “P” of marketing. Additionally, new purpose-driven organizations are being introduced to the marketplace each and every day as the number of social businesses and nonprofits continue to multiply.

At a loss for how your organization can be heard, get noticed and truly be different? In the following whitepaper, we’ll take a look at brands big and small who have effectively set themselves apart by:

  • Creating a killer product or service
  • Delivering a unique customer experience
  • Investing in a strong organizational culture
  • Smartly positioning themselves in the market
  • Cultivating an active tribe of supporters

You’ll notice that these strategies can work closely together, and that many of the featured organizations employ several of them to successfully stand out. As you read, ask yourself how you can apply one or more of these principles to rise above the competitive fray.

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