A Look Back as We Race Forward

Dec 16, 2015 3:35 PM ET

2015 was a big year.

It’s the year the Internet of Things (IoT) got some ink in the dictionary. It’s the year IoT and the technology that fuels it began truly transforming our daily lives and environment. And it’s the year AT&T established a major goal using that technology to enhance the world we all share.

Last month, AT&T set a goal to enable carbon savings 10 times the footprint of our company’s operations by 2025. We will accelerate technology’s role in reducing carbon emissions, while enhancing the efficiency of our network – 25 million connected devices strong – and delivering sustainable customer solutions.

We’re going full-steam ahead (pun not intended) over the next decade to explore solutions that help our world, so it’s both necessary and encouraging to take a look back at the strides we’ve made so far. Check out how the IoT connections AT&T has made this year are helping us build a better tomorrow.

Connected Businesses.
Businesses can connect factory equipment, global shipping containers, farm gear, industrial ovens, fleets or remote workers. IoT helps reduce operational costs and saves time and resources.

For example, Maersk is using AT&T’s IoT technology to track shipping containers and keep perishable contents at the desired temperature.

Sensor technologies like M2X connect devices through a cloud-based data storage service. It lets companies collect and analyze data, and improve performance – from trucks to turbines to freight containers.

It also helps utilities and cities detect water leaks and reduce water waste. This year, we teamed up with IBM and Mueller Water Products to create a new solution to help cities conserve water.

Connected Cities.
We launched a Smart Cities Organization with committed resources and IoT expertise. We’re connecting utility grids, smart meters, water management systems, lighting and city infrastructure to increase efficiency and decrease waste of resources.

Indeed, a big year.