A Refocus On The Issues Of Health & Protection

Mar 3, 2021 11:00 AM ET

By Wendy Herdon

According to the 2020 Aflac Health Care Issues Survey, COVID-19 affected 16% of families with children under 18 in the household — and of these, 75% said they or a member of their household required hospitalization for the coronavirus. Hospitalization due to COVID-19 can be costly. A single symptomatic COVID-19 case could incur a median direct medical cost of $3,045 during the course of the infection, according to Health Affairs.

While eyes remain focused on COVID-19, other serious illnesses affect Americans and can lead to a hefty bill. Along with the coronavirus, diabetes, cancer, heart attack and stroke comprised the top-five health conditions people say they or a member of their household faced, according to the Aflac survey.

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