Behind the Scenes of the New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign (NJECC) With Susan O'Brien

Mar 13, 2019 11:45 AM ET

A lot of work goes into planning and running a workplace giving campaign like the New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign (NJECC). With 15 years' experience running the NJECC, Susan O'Brien, NJECC Campaign Manager, knows this all too well! Serving as liaison to over 120 state and local agencies, Susan coordinates the State's employee fundraising campaign from start to finish and is responsible for monitoring the campaigns financial progress and success each year.

Is all that work worth it? Yes!

Employee giving is a vital mechanism for social impact. If we are to meet the greatest demands before us such as climate change, obesity, homelessness, and myriad other issues, then it is imperative that employee giving programs like the NJECC continue to grow and produce even more resources for the nonprofits that our changing our world. Marking its 34th year in 2018, the NJECC has raised nearly $50 million for charitable organizations addressing such issues – locally, nationally, and internationally.

On March 26, join America's Charities' free webinar, where we will interview Susan O'Brien to get a look behind the scenes of the NJECC and gain insights from O'Brien regarding:

  1. What would happen if employee giving programs didn’t exist?
  2. What real-world difference does it make when employees give through workplace giving programs as opposed to other fundraising methods like Facebook, GoFundMe, or Text2Give? 
  3. What makes payroll deduction giving more beneficial to charities, employee donors, and employers as opposed to other donation payment methods like credit card, PayPal, and check?  
  4. Through cross-sector efforts, how can we best showcase workplace giving to the public so it is valued as the vital mechanism for social impact that it is?
  5. Beyond the benefits of workplace giving as a charity fundraising mechanism, how else does workplace giving help nonprofits and employers streamline and accomplish their social impact goals? How does it benefit employee donors?

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