Beth Jenkins: New Resources to Speed Employees Up the Intrapreneurial Learning Curve

by Beth Jenkins, Challenge Director, Business Fights Poverty
Jan 22, 2018 1:40 PM ET

At any given time, in any given company, there can be hundreds of employees with ideas for profitable new products, services, and business models that also create value for society. These would-be “intrapreneurs” come from all different backgrounds and roles, and many have never started a new venture before. The learning curve can be steep.

We have learned that intrapreneurs strongly prefer to learn by doing. Business Fights Poverty, Barclays, Pearson, and Cemex, together with The Intrapreneur Lab and Be Inspired Films, have developed a series of videos and tip sheets designed to jump-start this process. These resources are intended to give intrapreneurs the confidence that comes with knowing what they’re getting themselves into – even if they won’t fully figure it out until they try.

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