Bloomberg Interns Decode an Out-of-this-World Challenge

Nov 16, 2016 5:15 AM ET

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Picture this: What happens when you take Bloomberg global engineering interns and task them with fixing a broken rocket ship? Take a look here:

The Engineering Intern Puzzle Challenge was an 18-hour overnight competition for Bloomberg interns in New York and London that unraveled an intricate space-themed story.

This epic event combined elements of a hackathon and a live-action ‘choose your own adventure’ that placed teams of interns in a race against the clock to solve complex logic puzzles. Interns had to unlock and decipher a series of mysterious messages written in C++ code to advance to the next round.

Our recruitment and engineering teams were on deck to ensure the interns replenished their energy throughout the night with food and games. Whenever the interns got stuck on a problem, our engineers were only one call away in a command center to mentor the interns with hints and clues.

As the sun rose and dust settled, teams around the globe were able to solve the puzzles by fixing the rocket ship, freeing themselves from outer space, and arriving safely back to Earth.

How can you get involved in our next puzzle challenge? Easy. Apply for a Bloomberg engineering internship. Share your talents and come work with a team that knows how to make your career development not only fun, but an out-of-this-world challenge.

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