Bloomberg's Sustainable Pantries - Both Offline and Online

Apr 19, 2021 1:30 PM ET

Food undoubtedly brings people together. Visitors to any of our Bloomberg offices around the globe are welcomed by our famous pantries. They are hubs not only for employees to grab a coffee or a snack, but also to mingle, to bump into other colleagues and exchange ideas.

As the meeting places for employees and visitors to our offices alike, our pantries embody many elements of our unique company culture – two key ones are philanthropy and sustainability. As a company, we are constantly trying to make strides and push boundaries when it comes to sustainability, whether it relates to our products or our operations. This mandate naturally extends to our pantries and the food we serve.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we work, our sustainable food initiatives have gone beyond our physical pantries. Many of our food & beverage vendors have been hit especially hard by the pandemic, so we’ve harnessed our culture of giving back to support these businesses, as well as those in need in our local communities.

Here is a snapshot of Bloomberg’s initiatives that enhance the sustainability of our pantries (such as food waste reduction) and strengthen our communities – whether that’s in-person in our offices, or virtually through programs that employees can benefit from at home.

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