Bombarded by Grant Requests? Here’s How You Can Simplify the Process and Stay Organized

By: Burt Cummings, CEO, Versaic
Jan 19, 2016 1:35 PM ET

As a grant manager, it’s likely you’ve had times where you’ve been overwhelmed with the task of handling multiple requests for grants or funding. The process of managing these requests can be painstakingly difficult, considering how much there is to do, how many elements are involved and the fact that it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks.

If you’re still running your process manually, using traditional tools and communication venues, it may be time to consider the benefits to a comprehensive, automated solution. Imagine having all the information for each grant application at your fingertips in one place, where you have the ability to manage all the steps of the grant cycle easily and effectively. With Versaic, you can:

1. Receive all grant & donation requests in one place

With our comprehensive, customized solution, you can collect all the information you need to make grant decisions in one portal. Grant requests are submitted through an intuitive interface electronically, making it easy for the submitters to give all the information you need. Requests are then routed for review based on criteria you specify.

2. Organize requests by region or program type

Wouldn’t it be great if you could organize the requests you receive by what type of program they’re for or by geographic region? Or by any other specifications you use? When you implement a solution like ours, you can do just that—and customize it to your needs. You can also manage communication for the requests, including creating email templates that allow you to easily communicate with requesters.

3. Manage the budget and track history

Keeping track of all the checks that are requested or how much has been allocated to which grant can be time consuming and arduous if you’re using spreadsheets and other traditional tools. Having the ability to organize proposals, keep notes on the history of each grant and the status updated automatically in one easy-to-view place could dramatically cut your process time down and help with ensuring accuracy.

4. Measuring impact

In years past, getting a complete picture of the impact of your grant giving was not always easy. It meant having to follow up with each and every grantee and solicit data, or relying on the grantee to handle the funds appropriately and distribute them where they would do the most good. With an online grant management solution, you’ll be able to request impact information for multiple grantees automatically, get images and data from events, and even report the results to everyone involved in your organization.

In today’s digital universe, you’d be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t benefited from today’s most advanced technological tools. Your grant giving program shouldn’t be an exception. With our technology, you’ll have a solution that not only simplifies every step of the process, but is flexible and customizable to give you the specific features and functions you need and want most. Request a demo today and discover how Versaic can make your job easier, more efficient and more impactful.