Building a Better Employer Brand With Corporate Volunteerism

Apr 12, 2021 2:35 PM ET

In an increasingly digital and socially influenced world, branding is critical. This doesn’t just refer to products in stores and celebrities on Instagram—corporations and employers also have to consider their brand image. In fact, Corporate Responsibility magazine found that 75% of Americans won’t work for a company that had a bad reputation, even if they are currently unemployed. Employer branding affects many aspects of employee management and is essential for leaders to consider, especially with the impacts of COVID-19 and the heightened awareness of social issues in 2020. But how might you improve your own employer brand during this time?

Recently, with the increased need for community relief and support, corporate volunteerism is on the rise. This type of corporate philanthropy not only helps shape employer brand, but also provides your business and employees with an outlet to give back and make a positive difference in a hectic time.

We at Astron Solutions are HR consultants and experts in employee management. Using our expertise, we created this guide to walk through everything you need to know about employer branding in 2021, the benefits of corporate volunteerism for employer brands, and how you might start your own corporate volunteer program.

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