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Portfolios of the Poor

Jonathan Morduch discusses his forthcoming book Portfolios of the Poor.

Microfinance in a time of crisis

The downturn is having a series effect on the microfinance industry.

Put people at the heart of finance

Women's World Banking works with poor women to use loans to transform their lives and their communities.

Investing for Impact in my Own Portfolio

Where are the best places to put your money to good work?

"Deja goo" - the uncomfortable feeling that we're stuck in the same sticky situation again

In too many uncomfortable ways, the current 'mortgage meltdown' we're experiencing in the United States is eerily familiar to the dot-com bubble a few years ago. In both cases voices of moderation (i.e.

Want to Make More Money? Hire Women to Lead.

<p>Enterprise Rent-A-Car, likely the most customer-friendly in the industry, is positioning itself to make more money.&nbsp; How?&nbsp; By <a href=" Pamela Nicholson, who's worked her way up from the front-line ranks when the company was only 200 people over 27 years&nbsp; ago, to the role of President in this family-owned private company.&nbsp;&lt


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