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How Your Holiday Gifts Create Responsible Career Choices (Part 3)

The food you buy plays a significant role in creating responsible career choices for yourself and others.

The Office: a Good or Bad Working Environment?

Last week, CNN Opinion ran a piece by Jason Fried, who argued that the office is one of the worst places for productivity. He says, that if you ask people where they prefer to work, they tend to have one of three responses: "a place, a moving object, or a time." Given that companies spend substantial amounts of money on facilities, ergonomic furniture, and office perks, it's definitely important to consider whether the office does its job as a positive work environment.

CSR: It's the Little Things Too

CSR, responsible business, and social entrepreneurship are topics that have been trending among professionals at all levels from entry-level to mid-level and experienced.  Take Justmeans for instance -- a hub for people who want to see business done better and responsibly. While we emphasize the importance of income and profits, we're not willing to make an extra buck at the expense of some greater good.

October 2010 Job Openings Reach Post-Recession High

Earlier this week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that October 2010 job openings reached a record high since August 2008.

How Your Holiday Gifts Create Responsible Career Choices (Part 2)

Where to buy candy, chocolate, electronics, shoes and wine to create responsible career choices for all of us!

Career Planning Based on Your School: Ivy or Not

Career planning, for many, is entwined with education. In high school, we work hard to attend the best college possible, and as college students, we work to attend a top-notch graduate program. When career planning the best of the best invariably encounter pressure from a three letter word: Ivy.

Expand Your Nonprofit Career Choices through the Net Impact Board Fellows Program

Serving on a nonprofit board will increase your chances to compete for CSR and nonprofit jobs.

Student Debt Inspires Justin Cox to "Rock Out"

In the United States, student debt is really getting out of hand. Even you have a part time job, spend your summers working, and receive financial aid, you pretty much need to take out loans unless you have a scholarship or parental support. And not everyone has those.

Career Planning for Students: Your Winter Break Game Plan

Yesterday marked the beginning of my finals week, and I realized something scary: I graduate with my master's degree in about six months. Then, I noticed that I wasn't as nervous as when I was when I got my BA in 2009. At this time two years ago, I literally felt lost and afraid of what the future would bring.

Would You Sacrifice Your Paycheck? These Rutgers Students Did

For most of us, work means earning a living. We wake up, work for most of the day, come home, and go to bed. In between the cracks of our days, during breaks and during those rare moments of down time, we go to the supermarket, run to doctor's appointments, enjoy much-needed time at the gym, and enjoy good food.  For many of us, our paycheck sustain our lifestyles and who we are.


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