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MBA Recruitment Is Up, but Changes Are Minimal at Best

Thinking about getting an MBA within the next two years? Think again before you make a six-figure investment, and don't expect a rags-to-riches academic experience. Right now, you may be better off staying exactly where you are. Even though prospects are starting to improve, they are nowhere near pre-recession levels.

Job Hunting Tips From 'Profession and Purpose'

Read 'Profession and Purpose' for job hunting tips and resources to help you build your sustainability career path.

A Look at Federal Government Employee Satisfaction

When changing jobs, career changers almost always take a risk. While you think you might be moving to greener pastures, there always exists a possibility that you'll miss your old job or that you'll decide that your new position is a less than ideal match.

Conscious Capitalism: New Career Choices For Responsible Professionals

The Conscious Capitalism Institute aims at transforming companies into the future Stonyfield Farms of their industry.

The Top Occupations with Over-Educated Employees

Once upon a time, people believed that a bachelor's degree was the ticket to a rewarding, high-paying, and sophisticated job. If you had a graduate degree, your competitive edge in the workforce was even higher. Of course, there were the few and far between who fell through the cracks, but one thing was for sure -- people thought that hard-work in school would reward us with a good job.

A Roundup of Salaries From New Industries

In May 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average annual salary for all occupations in the United States was $43,460. This figure includes all types of professionals from any field or geographic location, with any type of education or training level.

Career Advice From the North America Annual Net Impact Conference

Career advice and insights on the direction of CSR at the Net Impact Conference

Attention Educators: Prepare Students for Career Planning Realities

Background & Argument:

In an October 26th Huffington Post article, IBM Global University Programs Director Jim Spohrer encouraged colleges and universities to revise their approach to workforce preparation. Spoher, who works with educational institutions, based his argument on the idea that developments in technology and industry outpace developments in education.

SimplyHired Integrates Facebook: Useful or Not?

In April 2010, SimplyHired announced its integration with the Facebook platform to create a social media- based job search tool. Until this partnership, SimplyHired was just a place to explore jobs by location while Facebook was a place for friends to connect, exchange information, crack jokes, and share pictures. Now, your Facebook connections can help you search for jobs.


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