Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship News

The San Francisco Fed on Social Enterprise

A special journal issue examines finance, metrics and meaning

Illinois enacts L3C law

Will a new law create needed financial growth for Illinois charities?

The place of social enterprise in the new welfare state

Will social enterprise get tangled up in the social safety net?

Global health delivery: studying by doing

Another step toward turning universities into global consulting firms.

Four funerals and a wedding

'Til a sustainable death do us part . . .

Sex and the Social City

Goodwill's got a brand new bag . . . and shoes to match!

Good News in Social Investment

Investment for social returns is gaining from new approaches to marketplaces, exchanges, and capital.

Saving the planet, one [spoiler!] at a time

How fans of a BBC sci fi show are using a charity to save a beloved character

"Looking for a meaningful job"

There have been any number of social enterprise issues that have caught my eye this week, but when I sat down to write this post I couldn't get my mind off of this simple profile update here at JustMeans:

Out of the Dragon's Den

Losing one pitch contest is not necessarily the end, even if it happens on TV.


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