Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship News

What termites teach about buildings & jobs

The weekend Financial Times has a fascinating article for anyone interested in the technology of social change: how termite structures are shaping the future of print-on-demand sustainable architecture.

L3Cs and the shock of the new

The IRS weighs in on a new hybrid legal form.

The Pope and economic justice

Does the new papal encyclical prove that the Pope is a social entrepreneur?

Bruno and charity

Do-gooders take center stage in Sacha Baron Cohen's trenchant satire.

Lending for health or borrowing trouble?

Is trying to help children always a good thing?

How innovative is the Social Innovation Fund?

Does the Social Innovation Fund create a new social capital marketplace or just more of the same?

Connecting the dots

Michael Jackson, marijuana, Girl Scouts and pirates--just another day in social enterprise.

The hidden cost of cheap lobster

How affordable food can kill a community.

What more could Michael Jackson have given?

Breaking celebrity news on JustMeans!

Iran, fashion and hybrid social ventures

What current events can teach us about business as the answer for financial and political crisis


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