Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship News

Commercial Culture

Are there any common spaces where advertising should not exist?

The Great Hannah Montana Banana Debate

Hannah Montana bananas continued.

Hannah Montana Bananas? Oy veh.

Is Disney taking the right approach towards ethical consumption?

Learning from the Hannah Montana Banana

Disney-branded food, a good thing?

Honor for sale

Are benefits and galas worth the fuss that are made out of them?

Defusing the corporate time bomb

Is there any basis for corporate morality?

Innovative divestment

Should foundations and charitable organization be taking risks with their endowments?

Goals gone wild

Is the common business practice of creating discrete goals and quantifiable metrics worthwhile?

The desert of the real good

Will social enterprise actually create any systemic change? I think not.

Blast from the recent past

This week in my social enterprise class we looked at some recent texts regarding innovative financial practices. Among the highlights: praise for cutting-edge loans that made ownership accessible to otherwise unqualified buyers while hedging risk for charitable investors.



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