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Investing for Impact in my Own Portfolio

Where are the best places to put your money to good work?

Flipping the John Bird

John Bird, the Founder of the Big Issue in the UK, discusses social enterprise and philosophy.

Repeating history

Corporate children's education

Yesterday's JustMeans Company News linked to a press release for a new charitable program by CNN, TCM and Cartoon Network.

Conservative Leader Speaks at Social Enterprise Summit: Voice09

Today was the launch of Voice09, the annual UK social enterprise conference sponsored by the Social Enterprise Coalition. The keynote speaker for the event: Conservative Party leader David Cameron.

Navigating through difficult times

In difficult times, as in good times, I think it's important to focus on the basics. Perhaps more so.

What are the essentials for a sustainable business? I can feel a list coming on.

Firstly, be agreed on what you are trying to achieve. Knowing this can get you through the toughest times.

Social business book of the week

I recently received another guidebook for social entrepreneurs, and like those mentioned in my previous post, it's quite useful. Mission, Inc.: The Practitioner's Guide to Social Enterprise is, as the title suggests, immensely practical, but it is not a dry read.

Architecture of Participation

I recently watched Clay Shirky’s keynote address at the 2008 Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. His brief lecture was very insightful and well worth the 17 minutes invested to watch it online.

The bailout salary cap and social enterprise

President Obama's plan to place a $500,000 cap on executive pay for companies receiving bailout founds may sound familiar to people working in the nonprofit world.


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