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. . . Now, the real work begins

<p>A recent political cartoon shows an outgoing President George W. Bush holding the door open to a refrigerator full of putrid, rotting food, and next to it, a dishwasher overflowing with dirty plates, cups and spoons.&nbsp; The contents of the refrigerator and the dishwasher bear the labels "Banks," "Economy," "Wall Street," "Housing," "Credit," "Consumer Confidence," and "GM."</p>

The Crumbling 'Cult of the Amateur'

<p>Andrew Keen has been on the Pr circuit again. Yes, he of the Cult of the Amateur fame.</p>
<p>I tuned into the BBC World Service radio to pass time during a boring break, and there he was, casting aspersions on the Blogosphere in his upper-class lilt.</p>

Fast Film

<p>Some of the biggest social dramas of recent times-the crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Burma, the Chinese earthquake, suicide bombers in Israel, the hanging of Sadaam Hussein-all were filmed on cellphones; snippets of strife seen and shared by people all over the world, thanks to digital video.<br /><br />But there is also art in these ephemeral, shared, on-the-fly images of our accelera

Good selling is just a little thing

<p>My son has recently learnt to read. What a wonder and a joy. A whole new world of ideas magically available to him - the wisdom of the ages, and access to dreams of the future.</p>

Charity Still Matters

<p>At the core of the social entrepreneurship movement is a rejection of the dogma of change-making. Social entrepreneurs recognize problems and attempt to find the best solution available - whether it's nonprofit, for profit, or based on the barter system.

The intimacy of small issues

<p>I'm an avid fly fisher, and often head to the Deschutes River in Central Oregon to fish for trout and steelhead.

Our Sorry Democracy

<p>The election of Barack Obama has created hope that change can happen but unless that change is both cultural and structural then that hope may be dashed.

A New Landscape: Lessons for Advocacy Groups in Obama's Victory

<p>There are big lessons for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs in President-elect Barack Obama's election-day victory-chiefly in how to attract supporters and raise high sums of money from mainstream citizens. To be sure, this election was about the economy. But it was also about the network, folks.


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<p>Picture the scene.</p>
<p>It is early 2009. The great and good of Africa are gathered at one of their usual grand soirees. Maybe a side event at the UN, or just as likely the main piece of the AU. Mugabe has the mike.</p>

The Spectrum of Social Ventures

<p>As social entrepreneurship and socially responsible investing expand into the mainstream conscious, we're faced with the challenge of determining "what counts?" While many new entrepreneurs are making an effort to be explicitly "green," and an increasing number of traditional investors are looking to add double and triple-bottom-line businesses to their portfolios, leaders in th


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