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Branding the Social Enterprise Movement

<p>I was at a pretty cool conference last week &ndash; Wavelength 100. The attendees were half corporate, half social enterprise/entrepreneur.

Is social enterprise sustainable?

<p>The current financial crisis understandably has some do-gooders concerned. Organizations that relied on hefty returns from cutting-edge investments can no longer rely on Wall Street to fund existing programs.

I Walk the Line

<p style="text-align: center;"><em>I keep a close watch on this heart of mine<br />I keep my eyes wide open all the time<br />I keep the ends out for the tie that binds<br />Because you're mine, I walk the line<br /></em>From "I Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash<strong></strong></p>

Are You an Innerpreneur?

<p>An <strong>innerpreneur</strong> is an entrepreneur who uses their business to find personal fulfillment (creatively, spiritually, emotionally) and create social change.


Architecture writer Jim Lewis wrote a provocative essay not too long ago for the Sunday New York Times Magazine pondering the most modern of the world's cities. The piece was not about the new "green building" movement nor the billowy, chrome-and-glass confections of today's cutting-edge urban visionaries.

The Degree of Knowledge

How much time does science get in the media where you live? Or does the appearance of science amount to little more than mad scientists in Hollywood movies and advertisement for skin lotion? Then ask - How many real science journalists do you think work in the media?

A big hairy audacious goal

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10 Places to Park Your Cash, Earn Interest and Do Good

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From Crisis To Opportunity

<p>The present crisis in the world financial markets has shown that we have built our economies on a foundation of monetary sand and that when it is met by a hurricane then those foundations shake.


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