Sustainable Food News

Bringing Fair Trade Home

Interest in a domestic fair trade label mounts, as small farmers face challenges.

Are Food Gardens A Sustainable Part of Our Children’s Education?

Are school gardens growing a generation of undereducated children?

Fighting for Healthy Food: Spotlight on Ladonna Redmond

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending two thought provoking lectures at the Northeast Organic Farmers Association’s winter conference at the University of Vermont. One featured a panel of distinguished political figures, including Vermont’s two state senators and the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

Bokashi: Small-Scale Soil Production for Sustainable Urban Gardens

Bokashi is a new-to-North America way to create sustainable soil from food scraps, even meat and dairy!

Practicing What We Preach: Healthy Food in Health Care

What if our hospitals were committed to serving healthy food? One hospital in Vermont paves the way.

FarmsReach: Connecting Business Buyers With Local and Sustainable Food Producers

Can technologies that bring farmers and markets together help us eat locally and sustainably?

The Feast of Fields: Farm Tourism and the Sustainable Food Movement

It's time to take a good, close look at our farmland. Pass the wine and cheese and kale, please.

Sustainable Meat from a Test Tube?

The possibility of lab-grown meat looms in the not so distant future. The question is, is it the best option?


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