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Sustainable food has long been my passion, and I'm excited to continue my exploration and learning with you!

The Good Life Revisited: The New Back to the Land

There have been back to the land movements before, but will this one have more staying power?

A Model City: Sustainable Food and Food Security in Belo Horizonte

Imagine a place where EVERYONE has access to good food from local farms. Welcome to Belo Horizonte.

What's On My Food? Pesticides Revealed.

Trying to move towards organic buying, but you don't know where to start? What's On My Food can help.

Good Bugs, Good Soil, Good Food

Soil is just a bunch of dirt, right? Actually, it's full of life, and that life grows your food.

Farm to Preschool: The Next Step in Growing Food-Concious Kids

Following in farm to school's footsteps, why not introduce sustainable food to preschools?

Fishing for Community Support

Small-scale fisheries take a hint from community supported agriculture, and adopt a similar model to stay afloat

Are You A Village? Sustainable Food, Sustainable Community

Are you a village? Do you share food with others in times of need or joy?


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