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Tilemapping: Textured Mapping Tech

The Knight Foundation recently announced the winners of the 2010 News Challenge, a yearly contest that funds companies using digital social media technologies to find ways to fund journalism and engage readers in new ways. Twelve winners will receive a total of $2.74 million dollars this year, the fourth of the five-year contest.

Google Oogled: Privacy Isn't Dead - Yet

This week, more than 30 state AGs began examining how Google collected data for its Street View mapping service

Social Markets for Social Media: The Marketees

Third and final in the series of looking at the niche marketing strategies for social media outlets.

Social Media’s Role in Canadian Public Policy

Last week I posted about an astroturf social media campaign that had been unmasked in advance of the introduction of a new bill for Copyright reform in Canada.

Activists Launch Petition Drive for Facebook Users' Bill of Rights

Silicon Valley activists seek broad support for their new 14-point rights manifesto for social network users

Holy Social Marketing, Batman!

DC has taken the time to watch Marvel foray into social media business before taking their own steps.

Social Markets for Social Media: Synergy

2nd in a series surveying the ins and outs of niche marketing in the social media world: social media partnerships.

The Beginning of the End of 'Free Content' Online?

"Flattr" lets people use micro-cash to "favor" online causes and content. Seeds of a new type of consumerism?

Fat v. Lean Startups: Which are Better?

Thin is in if you're a startup. But is all that early penny-pinching discouraging social innovation?


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